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Upgrade to 3 Short Form Videos  Branded With Your Logo!

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Business Promotion Package


Here's What You'll Get Altogether: 

  • 1 video of the full show (approx. 27 min.);

  • 1 video of your full segment (approx. 7 min.); and

  • 3 "Short Form" video segments (each up to 59 seconds long) branded with your logo!  The number of videos depends on your segment. 

Upgrade now for only $49 per show!

(We will add the additional $49 to your current bill for a total of $399).

Examples of Branded Short Form Videos

Branded square videos with captioning grab viewers' attention! 

These branded short form videos are great for:

  • Facebook!

  • Instagram!

  • YouTube!

  • TikTok!

  • And more!

Take advantage of our introductory low price of only $49...

Keep that price forever!

Have Questions?

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